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Elke Schnabel

04 January 2008

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At the AST 2006 Italy made the 6th place after losing the final match



At the AST 2006 Italy made the 6th place after losing the final match vs. Lithuania after overtime 77:79. 2004 they just came in in 11th place. Not much for the Italiens being used to be blessed with success. It’s already the nineteenth time that Italy is going to participate in the AST and therefore is one of the most frequent participants. They left as a winner the traditional contest in Mannheim three times: in 1965, in 1969, and in 1983. Besides this they were placed several times in the top positions (2nd in 1979, 3 rd in 1993, and 4th in 1973).

This year the Italians are going to participate as 13th of EC 2007. At EC 2005 the Italian U18 won the bronze medal, the last big success after having gone through a longer lean time in this age group. In former years the team was counted from the junior teams on to one of the most dominant European forces (2nd place in a European Championship in 1992, 1984, and in 1972; 3rd place in 1986, 1974, 1970, 1968, 1966, and in 1964). Even in World Championships the U18 national team could credit themselves with tremendous results (2nd place in 1991; 3rd in 1987; 6th in 1983, and in 1979). Back on top there’s a lot to expect from Italy at the AST 2008.



Name geb. Verein Größe Position
Davide Bonacini 1990 Santini Salumi Fidenza 186 cm G
Marcello Cozzoli 1990 Pasta Granoro Corato 190 cm G
Paolo Paci 1990 Fastweb Casale Monferrato 200 cm F/C
Stefano Crotta 1990 Montepaschi Siena 205 cm C
Daniele Sandri 1990 Benetton Treviso 194 cm F
Albò Yankiel Moreno 1990 Azimut Loano 187 cm G
Luca Campani 1990 Trendwalker Reggio Emilia 202 cm F
Oleksandar Kushchev 1990 Lottomatica Roma 200 cm F/C
Andrea Muner 1990 Sistema Basket Pordenone 197 cm F
Raffaele Martone 1990 Montepaschi Siena 207 cm C
Stefano Spizzichini 1990 N. Pallacanestro Lazio 201 cm F
Pasquale Paolisso 1990 Air Avellino 202 cm F/C


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