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James Rust

20 February 2008

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The French team is participating for the 19th time at the AST tournament which finally won in 2006



The French team
is participating for the 19th time at the AST tournament which finally won in 2006. This year the French are eager to defend their title. Regularly they mustered up strong teams in Mannheim, but til 2006 it was “only” sufficient for the second place in 1996 and for the third place in 1967 such as in 1989. Almost every time the French had later NBA players in the roster: Jerome Moiso, who played for Boston, Charlotte, New Orleans, Toronto, New Jersey, and Cleveland, whirled beyond the baskets in 1996. In 1998 a very young player named Tony Parker, in the meantime a three time NBA champion with the San Antonio Spurs, was leading the French game. At the AST 2000 there were even two players with Boris Diaw (Phoenix Suns) and Ronny Turiaf (Los Angeles Lakers) who once chased after the basket for France and who now earn their money in the American professional league. In 2002 Center Johan Petro participated, who celebrated his NBA debut with the Seatle Supersonics in 2005.

The French always counted to one of the best European team in this age group. The Euorpean Championship title in 2006, 2000 and 1992 as well as the second place at the European Championship in 1996 and in 1964 underline this statement. At the World Championship in 1995 they made the eigth place, at the U10 World Championship 2007 they won the bronze medal.



name born club height position
Andrew Albicy 1990 Paris Levallois 170 cm 1
Nicolas Lang 1990 Chalon sur Saô 190 cm 1
Jonathan Bourhis 1990 JDA Dijon 180 cm 1
Jonathan Rousselle 1990 Gravelines 188 cm 1
Elio Sadiku 1991 Saint Etienne 188 cm 1
Jérôme Sanchez 1990 Bourg 192 cm 2
Florian Thibedore 1990 Besançon 190 cm 2
Lens Aboudou 1990 Paris Levallois 192 cm 2
Christophe Leonard 1990 USL Montjoly (CFBB) 199 cm 3
Benjamin Vauquios 1990 Orléans Basket 194 cm 3
Saer Neguib Faye Djobo 1990 STB Le Havre (CFBB) 197 cm 3
Ivan Emanuely 1991 SLUC Nancy 198 cm 3
Maxime Courby 1990 Gravelines 198 cm 3
Jonathan Leria 1990 Pau-Orthez 196 cm 3
Alexis Tanghe 1990 Blois (CFBB) 207 cm 4,5
Yohann Jacques 1990 SLUC Nancy 203 cm 3,4
Landing Sane 1990 Paris Levallois (CFBB) 207 cm 5
Tanguy Ramassamy 1990 Pau-Orthez 203 cm 4
Miguel Buval 1990 Pau-Orthez 206 cm 4,5
Thomas Celerier 1990 Limoges CSP (CFBB) 203 cm 5



Sieg in tollem Finale gegen die Türkei / great AST final against Turkey

Trainer aller 16 Teams haben abgestimmt / all 16 coaches decided

Veranstalter zeigen sich hochzufrieden / Organization team highly satisfied

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